Street Art

Richard Orlinski

Richard is now the best selling trench contemporary artist in the world, yet it has long kept for himself the passion that animated him. From an early age her teachers detect in him a precocious child and particularly gifted in the visual arts to the point to invite a local TV station to come and film his first works in terracotta, while he was only 4 years old. But never imagined to live from his art, he prefers to follow a more conventional path and quickly enter in the working life. After holding various professional activities , it is at 36 that he decided to fully dedicate himself to his sculptures. After 2 years of hard work, he shows his first pieces (crocodiles in resin) and immediately meet a great success with the public.
Encouraged by this enthusiastic reception, it is surrounded by highly skilled craftsmen with whom he constantly inno­vating to create new works , designing light effects or sculpt new materials. Deeply rooted in his time, he mainly uses contemporary materials such as resin , aluminum or stainless steel but also marble, bronze , gold …
or even chocolate !
Its rating climbs rapidly , international galleries devote exhibitions to him and the doors of the great appointments of contemporary art as Art Elysees or Art Basel open to him and his projects are multiplying. Naturally curious and eager to express his sensitivity through other disciplines, he decompartmentalizes the forms of art and developed a passion for music, theater , cinema …
He committed besides various artistic collaborations with singers like Eva Simons or Akon and is preparing to run in the upcoming film of Francis Renaud produced by Olivier Marchal. Nothing stops this artist when it comes to creating.