Xare is a french artist born in Paris in 1980. He grow up in the famous district of Montmartre and his artistic fibre develops at 14 years old, inspired by the different works characterising his neighbourhood and through the reviews illustrating many New York graffiti !
It was a click for Xare, inhabited by the same obsession like the masters before him in NYC (Dondi,Seen, Part1 etc…) : The Subway. After painting on severals subways in Paris Wright his crew TPK (The Parisian Kingz, one of the most notorious graffiti crew in the world), he continued his carrer abroad mainly in Milan, Barcelona and Amsterdam.
Over the years, he began a personal by changing support, using all types of media ranging from Canvas to wall support and simple wooden boards or originals enamelled plates from subways. He uses different techniques such as paintings, sprays, collage and stencil.
His personality is reflected through its wide range of colors. His originality resides in the mix between abstract contemporary art and graffiti rules.
Xare has shown his works in many famous exhibitions like Urban Art Fair, or 8th Avenue during the FIAC in Paris.


2018 Propaganda, Groupshow,
Endzlab Store, Barcelona, Spain

2018 Urban Art Fair,
Loft du 34, Paris, France

2017 Ça Peinturlure, Groupshow,
Loft du 34, Paris, France

2017 Ready to rock, Groupshow,
D10 Art Space, Geneva, Switzerland

2017 Elevation, Groupshow,
Château St Maur, St Tropez, France

2017 High Street Dialogue, Groupshow,
Lacey Contemporary Gallery, London,

2017 Where The Street Have No Name,
Groupshow, Artmonist Gallery, Paris,

2017 The Psycho Kolors, Groupshow,
Art Actuel, Gringo Production, Paris,

2016 Main Street, Groupshow,
Espace Oppidum, Paris, France

2016 Home Staging, Groupshow,
Loft du 34, Paris, France

2016 FIAC, 8th Avenue,
Artkanoïd Gallery, Paris, France

2016 Selfie, Soloshow
Loft du 34, Paris, France

2015 Revisitation, Groupshow,
Gare de Marlon Gallery, Paris, France

2014 El Presario, Soloshow,
Smetstore, Strassen, Luxembourg

2011 Subway Artists, Groupshow,
Galerie 154, Paris, France