DON from the band TWA (True we are) is a graffiti-artist from Lyon.

Following reports on the New York ghettos, he discovered the Hip Hop culture, which will be the trigger of his interest in graffiti, at that time the mediatization of this culture beats his full and accentuates his curiosity.

In 1988, he decided to try the spraycan-art practice thanks to his meeting with Rob and Sen, founders of the TWA group, created in 1984.

Bathed by the reading of underground comics and original graffiti New York, his universe is the meeting of these two influences.

In the 90s, his practice will lead him to collaborate with other graffiti-artists such as Seek, Abel and Soone des 313 (Toulouse) who will later found the brand Bullrot, Pone musical designer of the Fonky Family or the Trueskool (Toulouse).

Participating in this period as an artist at festivals such as the Summer-Session in Germany or Hip Hop University in Strasbourg.

He will also occupy the position of artistic director for the Urban Meetings of Villettes and Art on the square as part of the biennale of Contemporary Art in Lyon.

In parallel, Don goes from walls to canvases, these first exhibitions consist in transcribe his vision of graffiti (lettering) on the canvas he approaches as a wall.

Don represents raw graffiti without having to dilute his painting to make it more accessible to neophytes.

In 1995, he exhibited with artists from other worlds such as photographer Gilles Rondot (Cie KAFFIG) where he combines the art of photography with that of graffiti.

In 1998, Don will be at the origin of the first collaboration between calligraphers and Graffeurs “Kalli-Graphie”, exhibits joint works with the major representative of Persian calligraphic art, Salah al Moussaoui (former director of the School of Fine Arts in Baghdad).

In the 2000s, on the advice of Noetwo (RAW), he embarked on computer graphics and work for companies that call on him for posters, logos etc.

In 2002 with Sen (TWA) and Noetwo (RAW) he will paint the highest wall painted today.

Europe (52m) for the post office which will draw a limited series stamp.

Continuing his work on walls, he will meet SWEN and KEA

(93MC), ACRE (TBA) and ZENOY (3DT) with whom he will paint in various festivals such as Kosmopolite, Meeting of styles of Antwerp, Solidays, Urban dream2 in Charlerois or Urban peace at the Stade de France.

Participant in TV shows such as DCO & CO, La nuit du superbowl on France2 or the

big newspaper on canal +.

Don will also participate in the Getbusy show with his friend Sear, founder of first Hip-hop fanzine of the same name on the website:

He will also hold the position of head of marketing / France of brands iconic Phatfarm and Roccawear.

Artistic director of the European festival Diversidad and sponsor of the festival Loriginalde Lyon, he also devotes himself to a more personal work on canvas.

He also deepens his vision of this world through photography..