Jean Jacques Darmon



I was born in the South of France, I arrived in Paris in the 80s. For over 15 years I’ve acquired skills and a successful adventure with « sportfive » (sports marketing, TV law and business) resold today to Lagardère society.


Thanks to my work, I’ve traveled worldwide and that enabled me to discover the culture of art and to fall in love with street art and its forerunners such as Warhol, Lichenstein,Keith Haring and Basquiat that I love.


Nowadays I devote my energy to my passion, by promoting street art, pop art in Los Angeles, the town where I live presently, where I discovered and appreciated with still as much pleasure its graffitis, tags, sculptures, stencil art, stickers from downtown to West Hollywood.


My motivation is to support French street artists that I admire personally for their work and whose creativity is in constant renewal and imposes itself in the world of art.

This new adventure is first human, I am the link between the artists I represent and the desire to show or own these unique and innovative works.

« I don’t believe in art, I believe in artists. »

Marcel Duchamp


451 north canon drive
90210 Beverly Hills
Los Angeles CA